Revealing your Hidden Beauty



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                                                                              ESPA FACIALS


Our ESPA facials begin with a detailed consultation and in-depth skin analysis using SkinVision technology to identify skin conditions not visible to the naked eye. Your facial is specifically tailored to you, to include cleansing, exfoliation, steam and extractions where necessary and a treatment specific massage, mask and intensive serum. Finally, skincare products are chosen for your individual needs to achieve the best possible results.


Personalised express facial - Our express facials include a consultation, skinvision analysis, cleanse, exfoliation, personalised facial mask and finishes with a booster serum to suit your skin.                £25.00


Skin radiance facial - This revitalising facial treatment helps refresh tired skin, giving a noticeably brighter and naturally radiant appearance. Helps to smooth skin and reduce irregular pigmentation           £40.00


Re-hydrator facial - An intensive and regenerating facial for dehydrated skin leaving it supple and nourished. Gentle cleansing and exfoliation helps the skin to absorb replenishing oils and masks to deeply moisturise and soothe the complexion.                                                                                                   £40.00


De-sensitiser facial - A comforting facial for sensitive skins prone to redness and irritation, leaving it calmed and nourished. Using natural plant extracts and essential oils, the face is gently cleansed, nourished and hydrated.                                                                                                                          £40.00


Skin purifying facial - Ideal for oily, congested and problematic skin, or those suffering with hormonal imbalance. This cleansing facial helps to regulate oil secretions and refine open pores, essential oils such as tea tree and white thyme are used to decongest and soothe the skin resulting in a clearer complexion


Age-defying facial - A luxurious and regenrating facial for maturing skin to help minimise lines and wrinkles helping to combat the signs of ageing. This treatment visibly improves the appearance of skin by using age-defying massage techniques and a selection of age-defying products to replenish and revitalise.



Enzyme facial - This powerful and highly effective facial peel dramtically smoothes, softens and evens skin tone. A brush cleanse, followed by an intense enzyme peel deeply exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. A soothing rose quartz massage helps to calm and cool the face revealing an ultra smooth, glowing complexion. Available as a 55 minute treatment or a 90 minutes treatment ( which includes a longer massage and application of a lifting and smoothing mask containing concentrated seaweed extracts, argan oil and menthol to give your skin a more plumped and firmer appearance)             £50.00 / £65.00





                                                                          CACI FACIALS


An award winning facial treat, providing the ultimate in anti-ageing. CACI provides a full range of electrical treatments for all skin conditions including micro-dermabrasion, energising masks & of course their world famous non-surgical face lift. Using micro-current, slackened muscles are stimulated & re-educated to firm the facial contours. Collagen & elastin levels within the skin are increased to ease away fine lines & wrinkles. Results are visible after the very first treatment and for increased results, a course of 9 - 12 treatments is recommended.


Classic CACI - An hour long workout for the face to lift and tone the contours                                   £50.00

                      Whilst on course                                                                                                                  £45.00


CACI ULTIMATE - As the name suggests, the ultimate in anti-ageing! Combines classic CACI treatment with advanced micro-dermabrasion, light therapy and hydratone mask. Treats skin & muscles to the deepest level for amazing results, duration 90 minutes                                                                                        £80.00


MICRO-DERMABRASION - A deeply exfoliating treatment which removes layers of dull skin revealing a clearer, smoother, more youthful complexion                                                                                         £26.00


CACI BOOSTER - Combines micro-dermabrasion & hydratone mask with LED light therapy - red & blue lights are combined with high frequency current which together plump out deep lines & wrinkles, triggers skin tissue repair & healing. A great pre - special occasion treatment, duration 60 minutes              £50.00


CACI JOWL LIFT TREATMENT - A non-invasive facial treatment specifically targeting the lower face and jaw area. Using various movements, muscles are toned and jowls are lifted resulting in a more defined appearance. Each treatment lasts 15 - 20 minutes, an initial course of 10 is recommended followed by monthly maintanence.                                                                                                                              £25.00

                                                                                                                                      whilst on course £22.50                  


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Revealing your Hidden Beauty


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